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Looking back on the good. When a job ends. Life gets even better.

  If you’ve ever been laid off, downsized, outsourced, eliminated, removed or any other verb for the many involuntary reasons you may leave a job, you know that it doesn’t always feel good. You may not agree. The situation may not always be fair. However, I challenge you to take a different perspective on the … Continue reading

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The New Attribution Language

I had posted this to LinkedIn Pulse the other day but thought it would be good to share it here and add some comments. Digital marketing has always been about measurement. The digital wave gained momentum because it disrupted traditional media by showing that you can, in fact, prove that an ad has an attributable … Continue reading

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LinkedIn Pulse

I actually forgot about my blog. Juggling life, work, parenting and married life hasn’t allowed blogging to get very high on my list of priorities. I will be posting on LinkedIn, mostly on marketing, attribution, creative and advertising. For me, blogging is a way to connect and discuss thoughts, ideas, and questions that other marketing professionals … Continue reading


Very Odd Agency Stock Photography

Just because something is creative, it may not be good. Check out some of these images and see if you can find a practical purpose for any of them. “WOMAN IN HOT DOG SUIT HANDING OUT FLYERS” |Getty Images – Via AdWeek Here’s the full article on AdWeek. Continue reading