Real Barn Finds

Travel down most secondary and tertiary roads in North Carolina and you’ll see a ton of history that most people don’t really notice. Old barns, perhaps in the hundreds of thousands can be found around the nation. Within a stones-throw of Raleigh, NC, you can find hundreds of old barns. Some red, crisp, solid and pristine yet others are again becoming one with the Earth. Like that old saying, “If these walls could talk”, I’m sure that these barns have personality in every piece of of their fiber and oh the stories they could tell. NC is a major agricultural center of the south. We’re famous for sweet potatoes and a smorgasbord of other seasonal fruits and vegetables. Of course we’re a tobacco state too and many of the now dormant farms that haven’t become housing developments, are now just vacant reminders of a life that once was and will never be again.

With some free time on my hands I’ve been exploring the highways and byways of NC looking for relics of the past in the form of barns. Each one is unique, though regarding design, form does follow function. Some are equipment barns, held over from the horse and plow days. Others were equine stables. Others are old tobacco drying barns. Some are painted in a bright red and look fresh and well preserved, others look as though they’re one strong wind away from collapse.

Enjoy a few of the photos from this growing collection and let me know if you’re interested in a print. Prints sold without a watermark of course.

See them here at http://www.facebook.com/raduchphotography




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