CrossFit Marketing Tip #4 – Purpose

We all know the line, “Forging Elite Fitness” as the motto of CrossFit, Inc. That slogan may attract those diehard athletes who want to take things to the next level with CrossFit. However, the idea that Forging Elite Fitness will alone attract enough people to your box to pay the bills may not be the best strategy.

Remember your CrossFit business couldn’t be any further from a traditional gym. You’re not hoping that people sign up and forget about the $30/mo. gym charge. You want people to be active, involved and excited about CrossFit. To build your own self-sustaining CrossFit community, you need to consider your mission and purpose.

I recently spoke with a CrossFit gym owner who became involved in CrossFit in part because of his own health.  While he found the right box to get involved, eventually leading him to own his own box I would bet that this was a matter of luck, and not a matter of marketing. However, situations such as his aren’t that rare. Not everyone is going to CrossFit to come an elite athlete. Some people simply need the things that CrossFit offers to reach their health and fitness goals. Coaching, community spirit, scheduled classes and high-intensity workouts are just a few of the reasons people join a CrossFit gym. Each one of these is a selling point, use those selling points. More importantly, there may be an underlying purpose that drove you into CrossFit. Frankly, for most it wasn’t the money as many gyms are struggling to pay their bills. Think about what drove you into the business. Perhaps your real purpose isn’t an abstract idea, but rather something others can relate to.

Many of us don’t usually check companies mission statements and purpose before we do business, but it isn’t a bad idea. Sharing your altruism in the form of a written statement will help you attract the right people, which should in turn attract others with similar beliefs. CrossFit is so much more personal and important than a traditional gym, profess your unique purpose in your marketing to stand out from the crowd.


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