Ford F-150 Raptor is Crushing Rocks and Sales Projections

If you’re like me and used to bet against the American auto industry, you had good reason. However, if you’re still under the belief that American cars aren’t as good as those from foreign marques, you may just be harboring unjust feelings. Do yourself a favor, get out there and take a test drive of a Ford F-150 Raptor. Why is it flying off of dealer lots? Well, have you seen one? It is a truck so wide that the DOT required additional clearance lights. It is beastly with over 400 horsepower right out of the box. Some relatively quick tuning items can bump that to 475 without breaking a sweat. It is luxurious, despite being a truck made for rough roads. Simply, it looks like an F-150 that spends too much time at the gym. Man, it is cool.

So there’s only about a 15 day dealer supply, far short of the usual 60 day supply that manufacturers like to produce. They’re making 3 of these per hour and that’s apparently short of the 5 per hour needed to satisfy demand.

I’m surprised that we haven’t seen a competitor from Chevy, GMC or RAM yet. Perhaps that’s good.


F-150 Built Ford Tough
photo linked from Motor Trend WOT




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