CrossFit Box Marketing Tip #2 – Social Engagement

Why is CrossFit growing at an explosive rate? Well, it works and people are talking about it. The success of you box depends in a large part on the marketing bump you receive from your members. Your members should be proud of killing their WODs and they should be posting their success to Facebook, Twitter, their blogs and pretty much anywhere else they share stuff with friends.  CrossFit is what it is in large part because of social media sharing, but if your box doesn’t already have a feisty social engagement scene, here’s how you can get things moving.

Top Down

Your coaches help your members with form and proper technique. They also need to encourage members to take pride in their accomplishments and boasting about their WODs. Every completed WOD is a great WOD. Not everyone is a natural social butterfly, but you’ll find that most of your members are on Twitter. Here’s how to get the ball rolling. Set an expectation that social posting, sharing, commenting and other activity is natural and expected.

Admins – Your coaches should all have Facebook pages. Make them admins of the Facebook page for your box. You’ll also need protocols and best practices unique to your box. A future post will cover that.

Liking and Friending – Part of your signup process, should be a request to connect to the box’s Facebook page. Your admins should also connect with each of these new members, even if they are just in their trial period. Coaches and admins should make it a point to get to know members.

Tagging – If you’ve got more than one coach in each class, ensure that at least one is taking a few minutes to tag members during class. I suggest that the admins use their smartphones to take lots of photos. Group shots and individual shots are important. What is most important is that you get the best coverage you can. Select one or two members per class who are doing better than their regular normal WOD.

Missed class? – A member need not attend a class to be a part of your box’s social code. Don’t scold a member for missing a class, but you can tag them in an update with a positive message like, “Mike R. missed seeing you here today. You’d have crushed wallball today.”

Bottom Up

If you’ve done your part in the Top Down approach, you’ll find it is much easier to engage your members’ social activity.  Make it a part of the culture of your box. As readily as you talk of WODs and 21, 15, 9s, you should be instructing people to post their WODs and the box’s page to their timeline. Your members are one of your best marketing tools. Have them share their pride, their achievement and even those rare days of defeat. This regular passion is intoxicating, friends, family and co-workers will start to feel the passion themselves and wonder, “What the heck is this CrossFit thing?”.

Post it – Signage around your box should make it clear that members should be posting. Make it a part of your culture.

Start of class and end of class – For members arriving early, suggest that they post the WOD board. Have them tag friends. Comments are great too.




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