1980s : Minivans :: 2010s : Tesla Model S


I don’t think most people yet realize the importance and significance of Tesla motors. They’re not the first maker of an electric car. They’re not the only current manufacturer with an electric offering. However, they’re the first in my lifetime to make electric cars seem practical, sexy and a truly better option for many. I must confess though, I’m a gearhead at heart and I drool over the sight of a Mercedes-Benz C63 and the inner 12 year old in me gets giddy each time I see a Ford F-150 Raptor. Though, if I were to add a third car to my dream garage, it would definitely be a Tesla Model S.

I mean how friggin cool is it that Tesla made a car so strong that one of the testing machines broke while trying to destroy it. That’s amazing folks. Of course, let’s consider that maybe the machine was flawed and the breakage could have happened testing any car. However, if the Tesla is so strong that it breaks other machinery, we’ve got a revolution on our hands.

Tesla Motors asked better questions and as we have seen, has received better answers. Image


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