Couch Potato Conversion

If CrossFit can turn a 30-something couch potato like me into a fitness addict, there’s hope for everyone else. Just about a month ago I ventured into a local CrossFit. Their billboard popped out at me each day as I drove to work. My only familiarity with CrossFit were the Facebook status updates that I followed of friends who found an addiction to CrossFit. Before I walked into Caged CrossFit, I knew little about it other than the physical transformations I’ve witnessed.

If you know someone who updates their Facebook status with their WOD (Workout of the day), you already have an idea that people seem to become addicted. The addiction is real and hits you like a ton of bricks. It takes just one workout and a few days of painful recovery to know that this is a workout that wouldn’t otherwise be possible.

Here’s why Caged CrossFit works for me, and probably will work for you too.

1)      Camaraderie: To the untrained eye, CrossFit looks like a highly competitive environment that chews up and spits out weaklings. The opposite is true in that everyone competes against personal goals yet encourages fellow members to work hard to accomplish their own goals. The team atmosphere is second to none.

2)      Personal Attention: Each class is staffed by one or more trained coaches who work with each member to accomplish the correct form for each exercise. I liken this attention to that of a personal trainer.

3)      Intensity: Simply put, you’re going to probably need a lift to your car after your first workout and your next and so on and so forth. Even the warm-ups get me sweating.

4)      Variation: You won’t get bored of these workouts. Each day is something different, often as intense or moreso than the previous day. This also helps to avoid plateaus where your body adapts to repetitive exercises.

5)      Adaptability: Having seen the CrossFit games on TV, I assumed that CrossFit was only for already conditioned athletes. I was wrong. CrossFit’s workouts are adaptable to just about any level of fitness. I can’t always keep up with others in the class, but I finish at my own pace and do my best.

6)      Culture: CrossFit is a highly social experience. Because classes are generally small, it is easy to get to know the people around you. This is different from any gym or class I’d ever attended.

7)      Cost: Sure, $130 per month seems like a ton of money compared to the specials for $10 a month gym memberships. Let me tell you that $130 is cheap when you consider how quick results happen. We’ve all bought gym memberships in the past and most of us quit going. While I commend anyone for trying to get into the groove of a gym membership, few stick with it in the long run. CrossFit’s higher monthly costs go to support the relatively small base of members in the gym.

I recommend that you just go ahead and get to a local CrossFit box and commit to becoming the fittest person you can be.


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