HDR: Love it or Hate it?

This photo was recently taken overlooking the sunset on the Gulf of Mexico.

This photo is comprised of 3 separate exposures, -2, 0 and +2, processed using Photomatix. HDR is a controversial topic; some love it and others consider it an abomination.
For those not in the know, HDR stands for High Dynamic Range, which isn’t exactly accurate, but we’ll stick with the title for now. Basically, through the magic of software, 3 exposures are assembled to bring out a wider exposure range than what would otherwise be possible. The result is usually a photo that is more vivid than real life. Colors and textures can pop, underexposed and overexposed areas all seem to come together in a visually appealing masterpiece. However, too much of a good thing can produce a result that looks like your worst Instagram nightmare.

So, check out this photo and let me know what you think.


Here’s one of the original images:



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