Corporate Photography

Corporate photography doesn’t usually offer much latitude for creativity, but here is an article that was sent my way that makes some valid points that will help to avoid cliches and outright boring photography.

I’ll also add, illustrate the corporate culture. Over the past 15 years we’ve seen some of the nation’s most successful startups move away from suit and tie towards flip flops and t-shirts. Capturing the essence of a company should include a hint of this culture. Since casual attire is typically more trendy than traditional corporate attire, the photos that you make will serve as a time capsule.

This will mean that you’re best off ditching the backdrop and using the workplace itself as a backdrop. Of course, pay mind to composition and the subject, but I would say that you’re going to catch a truer impression of people and their environment in this regard.

If you’ve been granted access to the grounds, capture people in their natural element.

Take for instance, the photo above of the early days of Microsoft. There’s nothing better than looking at photos like that.

Here’s the article




2 thoughts on “Corporate Photography

    • Sorry for the delayed reply on this comment. Thanks for visiting my blog. In your building backdrop photos, do you shoot with a small or large aperture?

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