Storm Rolling In: Time Lapse Photography

Even on a slow day, everything in the world move pretty fast. However, our eyes and brains are trained to filter out much of the motion around us. That’s why I find time lapse photography to be so intriguing. By stitching together photographs taken in regular intervals, over an extended period of time, we can see the world move in ways we would have otherwise missed. When we observe nature through time lapse photography, we see exactly how much the world changes every day.

On a recent evening I noticed storm clouds moving west in my direction. That’s when I set up the tripod and documented the storm cloud rolling in. The following video is from 45 minutes of photos, taken in 10 second intervals. Just moments after I stopped the camera, the sky opened up. The video is only 10 seconds long, but as you’ll see, a lot happens in 45 minutes.

Since I can’t embed video here, view the video here.



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