Cool Photographer Adrian Sommeling and Cheap Speedlights

Fanatic Gamer by Adrian Sommeling

I came across Adrian Sommeling’s work a while back and was utterly blown away, as I’m sure you will be too. His work has a look that is similar in some respects to Dave Hill, a photographer whom I greatly admire. He is a master of composites, as most of the work you’ll see on his site, was composed from an image that is pieced together from various backgrounds and images.

If you’re a photographer, you know that photography requires light. How light interacts with your  subject can make a fab photo which would otherwise be drab. While natural light is often desirable, it has its challenges and limitations. To achieve stunning images, light often needs to be added. For some, an investment in thousands of dollars worth of lighting makes perfect sense and is needed for complex requirements. However, good old flashes, or speedlights/speedlites can do the trick, if one knows how to use them.

Nikon’s SB-910 is a fine piece of technology, however at $550 a pop, they’re not cheap. Perhaps its greatest purpose is as an on-camera TTL flash, for professionals. While this here low-buck speedlight isn’t TTL or a direct replacement for the SB-910, at $67 with shipping from Amazon, it is a deal. Yongnuo isn’t a household name, and probably won’t become one. However, I own several of their speedlights and I’ve never been disappointed in their performance. Keep in mind, this is a fully manual flash, so for anyone used to TTL or on-camera automation, there’s a learning curve. However, for creative lighting, a handful of these flashes, some remote triggers and some light modifiers will help to achieve some great results.

One of his great photos is “Fanatic Gamer“. He offers some insight into his process with a setup diagram and some of the post processing steps. I was surprised to see that two YN560 speedlights along with some umbrellas and paper were all it took for him to capture the starting image. From there, the post processing work is a bit mysterious, but outlined in a video on his Facebook page.

I would rank his work in line with Dave Hill, and I believe Adrian Sommeling has a big future ahead of him. He’s creative and clean and produces evocative images that inspire photogs like me.  Check him out when you have some time and drop him a line if you love his work too!



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