What’s the Date for National Organic Fruit Day?


I’m thinking that its not going to be on the calendar anytime soon. A quick Google search didn’t yield any information leading me to believe that there is one already. The simple fact is that it is more profitable to make money selling fatty, greasy, sugary and salty foods than to market products that grow directly from the ground. There’s no conspiracy against healthy food, it just isn’t that interesting even if it is damned tasty. In fact, my wife even pointed out that the organic carrots we normally buy are actually tastier than their conventional counterparts.

So that we can get some love for the delicious fruit of the Earth, we need to use our marketing powers to create brands people can get behind.

A handful of smart marketers have popularized and have become synonymous with certain fruit and vegetable products.

Tropicana = Orange juice

Welch’s = Grape juice

Chiquita = Bananas

Sunkist = Oranges

Cuties = Clementines/Tangerines

Pom = Pomegranates

How about watermelons? Who wants to take that one on?

What about apples? Anyone want to make a great organic apple brand?

Organics are growing in popularity and for good reason. We know chemicals are bad and we know that on a macro level, chemicals can cause us harm. The use of fewer chemicals and pesticides, combined with generally smaller organic operations do result in higher cost. However, an enterprising person could add economies of scale into organic production and turn the price differential into additional profit that could thus be turned into a branding campaign. To me it seems so simple. If we can get kids to ask for apples, we may laugh at the day that we celebrate the donut.

Full disclosure: I love donuts, though I rarely eat them. I’m not calling for the demise of the donut, but perhaps we don’t need to put it on a pedestal.


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