Twitter Amplify – Folks, Social is More Important Than Ever!


Photo credit – Amplify.com


Traditional has been slow to accept the ways of the digital. A decade ago us digital folks battled traditional pitches that relegated our ideas, thoughts and creativity to nothing more than noise and a nuisance that brands didn’t need. However, from the very start digital provided a connection that traditional couldn’t. Being able to directly market to customers, engage them, help them and maintain that relationship is purely a benefit of the digital revolution. However, in order for digital to get the respect it deserves, traditional had to acknowledge our value.

That time has been slow to come, but Twitter Amplify along with a number of other products provide a bridge between traditional and digital.

Caveat venditor, please be mindful of the amount and frequency of the overt advertising you deliver via social. My suggestion is that brands draw a line in the sand to tailor social focused content. Most of us are trained to tune out traditional ads in a digital realm. The content people want is something additional, something extra, something special that connects us to a brand. If I want to see TV ads, I’ll turn on the TV. Get personal with people, because you can and because you should.



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