Golden Island Jerky – Warning

The best jerky around. Tender, all natural and even pork jerky.

Photo credit – Golden Island Jerky

I want to warn you about a product, Golden Island jerky. This product is highly addictive. If left on a counter at home, on your desk at work, or in any other conspicuous place, it will be consumed, potentially addicting those you know and love. Just in case you can’t read between the lines, this isn’t really a warning or a rant, it is an all out exclamation of appreciation for a great product.

I “liked” Golden Island’s Facebook page back around Christmas, about the time I received some Golden Island pork jerky as a gift from my in-laws. They picked it up at a Costco near their home in San Diego. I did my very best to make the gift of two Costco-sized bag last, but I barely made it a month.

I like jerky, but most other commercial brands are loaded with unnatural ingredients that detract from the wholesomeness of jerky. I was pleased to know that Golden Island jerky is all natural. The fact that it was pork jerky, was exciting. I didn’t think pork jerky was possible. Well, it is possible and it is awesome. I had received the Grilled Barbecue variety. The sweetness and saltiness balanced perfectly. The jerky was not, greasy or tough. If you’ve had other commercial jerkies, you’ll know that it isn’t rare to get a piece that is mostly gristle or fat. Not the case with Golden Island. I would suspect that the unique texture of the meat was due to their grilling process which dries the meat, yet maintains a great chew.

A few months ago I chimed in on a Golden Island Facebook contest where I won a sampler pack. If I remember right, they had a photo and a clue. I guessed quickly and correctly and won myself a fancy schmancy Golden Island jerky sampler pack.  When it arrived at home, I didn’t have a moment to even take photos because family members had already opened pouches to try the unique flavors we hadn’t yet tried.  The sampler pack contained, Grilled Barbecue pork, Korean Barbecue pork, Chili Lime beef, Peppered beef, Teriyaki pork. Each of the flavors were amazing. These meats are carefully marinated, and likely seasoned before or during their cooking process. My guess also is that these jerkies aren’t prepared in a dehydrator. I assume that they are cooked, instead of just dried. The beef jerky just seems to melt in the mouth. The pork jerky is also tender and flavorful. Not a single piece had a leathery texture. My guess is that Golden Island is backed by people who truly love food. Each flavor pops.

Again we did our best to ration out the jerky to make it last. We failed at doing so. The jerky was gone in just a few weeks.

So you’ll probably have a hard time finding their jerky at the store. From what I can tell it is available only online and at select west coast Costco locations. It isn’t cheap, but given that it is made in small batches, all natural and totally gourmet, the premium is justified. This makes a great gift for anyone who loves jerky. It is great protein for outdoorsy types who need to pack light.

Foodies and epicureans can use this jerky is some creative, non-snacking ways. From my experience, the Grilled Barbecue is a versatile food. The tenderness and freshness of the pork jerky can be a great addition to breakfast. Heat the Grilled Barbecue pork jerky in a pan at medium heat, just to warm it up a bit. The flavors totally pop when you do this. Have it on a biscuit with a slice of cheese. It will be your daily go-to breakfast sandwich. Also, you can sliver the Grilled Barbecue pork jerky and heat it up a bit, then add it to an omelet. The blend of sweetness and grilled flavor makes for an omelet like no other.

I don’t often rave about products, but Golden Island jerky is so unique and not yet widely known that I thought it was important to spread the word. So to my hundreds of friends, followers, colleagues and associates, give Golden Island jerky a try. Caveat emptor, this stuff is addictive so if you fear that you may add another vice to your list, you’ve been warned.


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