Support a Fisker Bailout

” ‘Cause I could never call myself yours

And if we were really meant to be

Well, then we justify destiny It’s not that our love died, just never really bloomed”

– Landon Pigg


Photo – MotorTrend.com

For a week now, people have been talking about the death of one of America’s great automotive startups. Troubled from the get-go, Fisker hasn’t been able to get its feet underneath itself as it has attempted to build the nation’s next great car company. With design considered to be some of the world’s best, along with technology that shows the viability of range-extended electrics as a the future, it is a crying shame that Fisker may not make it.

While it is difficult to compare the size and economic importance of Fisker to GM, their significance in the American automotive landscape is clear. They are innovative, daring, bold and have challenged the conventions of the Big 3. A better contemporary is Tesla, who after a decade is now receiving rave reviews for their plug-in electric. Tesla hasn’t had it easy, but they played the social media game as well as anyone else.

Fisker got attention when Justin “The Biebs” Bieber chromed out his Karma, only to later pass it along to friend Sean Kingston. Their premium auto sells new in the six figures. At this price range, the car isn’t on the shopping list of the average American. They aimed high for a premium client, however these same premium clients weren’t keen to the new technology, and an unproven track record. While cool, a 100k Fisker wasn’t as cool as a known status symbol like a Mercedes-Benz S Class or a BMW 7 Series. Perhaps if they fought harder for the granola crowd as Tesla did, they’d have engendered more public support. 

Fisker deserves another chance. They’re in the hole and it is unlikely that a private financier can help them at this point. I’d support a government intervention in the billions to help them get on their way. If you believe in the future of personal transportation, consider supporting Fisker through these dark times.


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