America’s Driving Boom is Over?

I came across this article. According to a PIRG study, it would seem as though Americans have fallen out of love with the Automobile.

Come on marketers, now the time has come for us to band together to save the auto industry. Cars are just no longer cool. Your son or daughter may not find your 1965 ‘Vette very interesting, and that may have to do with the lack of an iPhone dock. Here’s our chance to reinvent the car as something that will get Millennials excited about driving. Perhaps some of our suggestions will make it to the drawing boards of the big 3.


  1. Cars are boring and so low tech. Replace existing dashboards with a Tesla-esque 17″ touchschreen.
  2. Make it iOS powered.
  3. Make everything in the car a socially enabled app. Post stats automatically to Facebook and Twitter.
  4. Make roads out of grooved rubber and tires out or asphalt. Millenials don’t want to be bothered with replacing tires. Instead replace the roads.
  5. Get rid of standard controls like pedals, gearshifts and steering wheels. Instead, control the car with an iOS app.
  6. Enable all gas pumps with payment by iOS.
  7. Use an app to modify vehicle’s performance based on the responsibility and driving record of the Millenial. If he’s a loafer or a goofball, limit his top speed to 35 and require gradual accelleration.
  8. Instead of a stereo, just install an iDevice jack of some sort. In fact, place one at each seat so that all passengers can stay connected and not have to talk during the drive.

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