Tesla Model S is the Car You Want

Shame on you if you had bet against American automakers. Well, no not really. If the average American auto built between 1970 and 2008 was your basis of judgement, you didn’t have much to judge. Times have changed.

I’ve always considered German cars to be the pinnacle of quality engineering.if you wanted to know what technologies you could find in average cars a decade in the future, just take a look at the Mercedes-Benz S Class. Well, Tesla may be the new gold standard.

What you should take note of with Tesla is that there is little, if any marketing involved in their success. All they did was focus on making the world’s best product. It’s about time an American company took back the industry that built America.

Marketing only gets one so far. A great product will do the work that the largest marketing budgets in the world can’t do.



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